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What is Life?

  • Soul (Divine or Devil)
  • Genes (from Parents)
  • Date/Time/Place of Birth,
    results the destiny of individual.

There are always three personalities of a person,

  • What you think you are?
  • What others think you are?
  • What really you are?
    – Bhagwan Shree Satya Sai Baba

Astrology can guide you to know what you really are…?

Astrology is not a myth

Astrology is based on precise logic of math and planetary cosmic energy.

The degree of Cosmic Light from heavenly planets conditions the brain chemicals of the living beings at the time of birth as soon as their head is exposed to material nature. Thereafter, they become prisoner of their own brain, i.e. the destiny.

Although every living being has a share of the Divine Light in them but it is not equal in everyone. We determine the extent of Cosmic Light shining in each individual through the Horoscope.

I am blessed to reveal this truth of mother nature to you.

How do predictions help us?

As we cannot alter destiny, but we can learn about it. If we can know that tomorrow is going to be a snow storm, why plan a journey? If the time is not conducive, if the time is not right, why waste time, money and energy? If the time is right, by all means go ahead and be successful.

By using Vedic Astrology, we can direct our lives toward a state where the purpose of life is not limited to survival. We can expand our consciousness and achieve a state of total bliss.

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